• Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Mining industry
  • Abattoirs
  • Food production industry
  • Reservoirs and dam walls
  • Irrigation systems


  • Frame suitable for direct mounting
  • Designed and manufactured to suit any size opening
  • Gate frame provided with HDPE liner for low friction sliding
  • Neoprene seal
  • Actuated or manual gates provided according to client specification
  • Rising or non-rising spindle gates provided according to client specification
  • Rigid ACME thread S/S spindle design
  • Resilient sealing system with L seal design
  • Low maintenance

Optional Extras

  • Automated design through actuator


Wall mounted gates, also referred to as penstocks, are used to close off an opening in a wall or the end of a pipe, and provide a complete seal around the periphery of the opening in the wall or pipe.

Generally, seals are Neoprene J seals which allow water pressure to force the seal against the seating surface of the frame. Where off-seating pressures occur, the seals are reversed. If both seating and off-seating pressure conditions are present, double seals are used. Ideally this kind of gate should use rising type spindle as the threaded section is out of the fluid.

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