• Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Mining industry
  • Dairy and meat plants
  • Food production industry
  • Irrigation system network
  • Processes in which level control is required


  • Frame suitable for direct mounting on face of wall
  • Gate frame provided with HDPE liner for low friction sliding
  • Actuated or manual gates provided according to client specification
  • Rising or non-rising spindle gates provided according to client specification
  • Rigid ACME thread S/S spindle design
  • Resilient sealing system with L seal design
  • Low maintenance

Optional Extras

  • Automated design through actuator


Tilting weir gates are used for wide openings where the vertical flow required is not more than approximately 500mm. The gates are hinged at the bottom and the flow over the top is controlled by the adjustment of the angle or height of the gate. Depending on the water level, and if the application requires the gate to be sealed off, the gate can be sealed on three sides leaving the top open. For very wide gates approximately. 2000mm or more, twin spindle design will apply.

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