A waste water treatment biofilter is a circular tank (10-50m in diameter) which has a bed of media on which microorganisms attach and grow to form a biological layer called biofilm (bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.), usually slimy and muddy in texture. Waste Water to be treated is applied intermittently or continuously over the media, by means of a rotating distributor.

Biofiltration processes are usually aerobic, which means that microorganisms require oxygen for their metabolism. Oxygen is supplied to the biofilm, through the discharge of the waste water out of the distribution pipes or arms, which then flows over the media.

The S.A.M.E. WATER rotary distributor is a totally seal-less unit and requires minimal maintenance. There is a heavy duty bearing on the top of the central column which supports the rotating cone. All the lubrication lines are centralized here. The center inlet pipe feeds the waste water to the internal flow chamber of the cone at an approximate 800mm head which creates the rotating motion when the waste water is discharged out of the distribution arms. The distribution arms, are bolted to the rotating cone and held in vertical position by adjustable hanger rods.

The unit is hydraulically propelled, through the distribution arms that have waste water outlet holes calculated to specific diameters and distances apart creating the propulsion. Each outlet hole has an adjustable spreader plate distributing the flow over the media to enhance the increase of oxygen to the waste water and create rotating propulsion.


  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa
  • Simple to maintain and operate
  • Distributor arms are flanged for easy maintenance and replacement of the arms.
  • Adjustable spreader plate to control flow and spread of waste water over the media.
  • Bearings designed for easy access and lubrication.
  • All lubrication points easily accessible.
  • Seal-less design, mercury or mechanical seals are completely eliminated.
  • Adjustable roller guides at the base of the rotating cone prevent lateral movement of the rotating cone.
  • The distributor arms are equipped with quick opening dump gates at each end of the distribution arm.
  • Distribution of flow unaffected by wind action.

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