• Tanks or clarifiers
  • Lagoons
  • Water containment structures
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants


  • Rising spindle application provided according to client specification
  • Ridged ACME thread S/S spindle design
  • Low aintenance
  • Resilient sealing system
  • Fabricated stainless steel inner and outer tube buffed to lower friction and minimize seal wear
  • Double base flange retained neoprene seal allows adjustment and replacement of the seal between the telescopic valve tube and the mating field piping while eliminating leakage at this interface
  • Stainless steel ACME thread rising stem designed with bronze lift nut to prevent binding during valve travel
  • Stem or pedestal mounted anti-rotation key prevents the valve tube from rotating in the integral seal during travel to limit seal wear

Optional Extras

  • Automated design through actuator


Telescopic Bellmouths are used extensively in wastewater purification works to draw off surface fluids and scum. A Bellmouth consists of a lower outer tube which is connected to a drain pipe, and an upper inner tube which slides up and down to vary the fluid level as required. Seals are fitted between the inner and outer tubes to prevent leakages. Telescoping valves are also used to regulate fluid levels, either by draining one tank into another or filling an adjacent tank with a higher water level.

Operation is generally manual by means of hand wheel and spindle connected to the inner tube.

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