• Water treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Mining Industry
  • Food & Beverage


  • No collection sump required resulting in minimum head
  • Can run without water
  • Constant high efficiency with a variable capacity
  • Heavy solids and floating debris can be pumped
  • Slow speed causes minimal wear


A screw pump is an angled screw conveyor which lifts water up via rotation. It is used mainly for the movement of water from lower to higher levels.

Screw Pumps can be used for capacities from 15 litres/sec up to a maximum of 11 m3 /sec. These pumps come in three basic forms; units which are built into the traditional concrete trough, units with a steel trough liner and the prefabricated “ready to install’ compact units. The main and overall advantage of a screw pump is its superb reliability. The simple design, open structure and slow rotation speed make it a heavy duty pump with minimal wear that operates for years without trouble. The open structure and large passage between the flights enable a screw pump to pump raw sewage without the need for a coarse screen preceding the pump. Both floating debris and heavy solids are simply lifted up. This saves considerably on equipment costs for a coarse screen and on maintenance.

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